March madness

A lovely beginning to my day today. Yes, it was my elusive heckler, surfacing once again:

Darleene, I see you’ve been the education reporter for quite some time now. I’m looking at your article on college tuition. Hopefully, being an education reporter, you might try to improve your education. You talk to four people about college tuition and you’ve got five sentences with “saids” in them – try using “according to” or “stated‚Äö” or “mentioned.” It’s most irritating to read an article like that – it’s so lumpy. Talk to you later, bye bye.

His messages first amazed me, then angered and infuriated me (especially when I was getting his messages a few times a week) and now amuses me. My theory is that the dude is older and combs the paper with a red pen every morning. I also think he singles me out because I’ve been a reporter there for so long and I’m a woman. I wonder how long it will take before he begins calling my new editor?

Besides, its not like I have time to give my heckler a thought. I’m not sure how Josh is doing it, but trying to coordinate my weekly education page, organize candidate interviews and photo shoots and do plan stories with art is driving me nuts. On Tuesday, I nearly broke out into a cold sweat from all the stuff I was trying to coordinate, plus I missed most of my board meeting. The last three days, I’d been trying to arrange interviews and photos with two candidates, who are parents known for being extremely vocal critics of the district. I finally got them set up with one of the women, then the other one called me, asked me where my paper was when they wanted “the facts printed!” then canceled both their appointments with me and told me they didn’t need me. *sigh* This is going to be a long month. I think, by the end of the month, I’m going to either have an ulcer or hate all politics. Ugh.

One thought on “March madness

  1. Darleen, I can’t believe this. It’s perfectly OK to repeat the word “said.” When reporters go into all kinds of contortions to avoid repeating it, they look like idiots. When people say stuff, it’s OK to report it as such. It’s one of those words people just read over and move on, as opposed to a “stopper” word that halts the flow. Does anybody really “relate,” “laugh,” “chortle,” “exclaim,” or “laugh” their words? No. They SAY them.

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