I just don’t get it

While I understand that I will likely never be heard or quoted in the cacophony that is the blogosphere, I feel I must weigh in on the Terri Schiavo case. Simply – I just don’t get it.

On Sunday, Trinity and I began discussing the case and both of us were thoroughly confused. Remember, both of us are fairly conservative and Christian, so by the stereotype, we would be on the side of Terri’s parents, praying for her feeding tube to be replaced and for her to live forever with the help of a machine.

Um, can I just say Trinity and I cannot think of a more horrifying idea? My God. If I were ever to get in a car accident, God forbid, I would never want Trinity or my mom or my Ate to try to keep me alive on some machine. Ditto for Trinity. And, just for the record (since I don’t intend of writing a will anytime soon), if I were ever incapacitated for any reason, I would never want authority of my body or my possessions to be anyone else’s responsibility but my husband’s. Anyway, it seems to me that this is one of those issues that might end up just undermining Christians and conservatives’ rhetoric on pro-life and stem-cell issues. I mean, honestly, they seem really hysterical about this issue and I just don’t get it. I wonder, actually, if the reason why they’re so hysterical is because husband Michael Schiavo has a girlfriend and children with that girlfriend.

I dunno. It seems as though if people are really so concerned about allowing her to die peacefully, more drastic measures should be taken. After all, living on a feeding tube is no life at all.