pause……and then let it go

This story makes me chuckle. Apparently, the Tulsa World believes that just because blogger Michael Bates criticizes it, the newspaper can send it a cease and desist letter. Um, does that mean that from now on, they’re going to send cease and desist letters to college students that quote its stories in term papers and research projects? Or anyone else who has the temerity to question it?

Anyway, like I’ve said before, I work Tuesday through Saturday, so Trinity and I spent most of Monday (yes, Valentine’s Day) together. Essentially, we slept in, made breakfast, cooked beans (Trinity LOVES red beans and rice), baked brownies, then went off to the Arboretum of Los Angeles County. This place was awesome, and I think I liked it more than Descanso Gardens – the place had some beautiful flowering trees (cherry blossom and magnolia trees are on my list for my future house), a wonderful rose garden surrounded by citrus trees, even a great big pond that, if you looked at it from behind the trees – you could pretend you were in the Amazon or the bayou. It was dope. Plus, there was all these ducks, swans and other fowl running around, hanging out. I kept honking at them, trying to say hi. Heh.

Afterward, we went to church for tutoring (us tutoring kids, not the other way around). We ended up waiting for a while, but it was cool…..we ended up cuddling and reading this book together while waiting. All in all, it was a wonderful, relaxing, sweet day together, and I was not about to let someone’s sour email ruin it.