karma karma chameleon

Yesterday, everyone kept asking me if I was Mexican. We were at a restaurant, Don Cuco’s, for lunch to bid adieu to one of our Burbank reporters, Jacqui Brown, when a guy serving at the buffett asked me why I don’t understand the Spanish he was speaking to me. Then, at the Filipino store – the Filipino store – a guy asked if I understood Tagalog and said he thought I was Mexican. I’m also often mistaken for Asian Indian. Can I just look Filipino? But maybe the reason why no one could figure out what I looked like is because I looked like this. I took the picture right after I got home, after lugging groceries upstairs. Um….appealing, huh? Dude, I was tired. Leave me alone.

So Jacqui Brown left. Honestly, it amazes me that she had stayed as long as she did, considering she has two kids and a big house to clean. Dude, I get exhausted just trying to cook for myself and Trinity, plus keep our one-bedroom apartment clean. I’m so glad we only have one bedroom.

One thing that I have decided, as a professional woman, was that when it comes time to have kids – way, way in the future – I plan to not work full-time. I might end up going to grad school (it would not be hard to fix my own schedule if I were in grad school, since I don’t care how long it takes to be in school), I might end up writing books, whatever. But I definitely do not plan on taking care of kids and being at work eight hours (or more) a day. I applaud all the women who have successfully done it – raised kids and work at a career at the same time – but I can confidently say I don’t have enough energy for that. yes, I am modern, but hell no, I don’t need to prove it.