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I’m adding some new blogs to my blog roll. Check out Patterico and BeFrank. As much as I might want to get to the LA Times, Patterico’s rants about them are hilarious, and actually, from time to time, his criticisms of their stories make me check my own reporting. BeFrank is a fellow member of the crazy Southern California press corps – running toward the danger, rather than away from it. He has the same issues I have with trying to have the cool job and spend time with the cool spouse. I feel your pain, dude. And it’s not as if these two sites don’t have WAY more traffic than I do, but if somehow you ended up at my site before either one of theirs, you should check em out.

Franklin Avenue’s
Michael had an interesting post today about a new Jollibee opening in Eagle Rock. This is something I’ve been wanting my paper’s business reporters to write about – the proliferation of well-known Filipino chains sprouting up just down the street from Glendale’s strip of Filipino restaurants and food stores that also serve hot food. I, for one, am not really a Jollibee fan – give me KFC or Popeyes or even Zankou’s any day – but the fact that a Goldilocks is supposed to be opening up at the same mall is a BIG DEAL.

Wait, first, let me back up and explain about Jollibee and Goldilocks. Jollibee is, like, the McDonalds of the Philippines – there is McDonalds in the Philippines, but Jollibee is bigger. Don’t ask me why. Goldilocks, I believe, is the largest Filipino restaurant franchise in the world. My family actually used to do a lot of business with the stateside Goldilocks family, providing flowers and decorations for their annual Christmas party, but they started doing the flowers themselves a few years ago. In fact, several of the West Covina store employees still know me by face, even though I moved away from the area years ago. Ah well.

Anyway, Goldilocks is one of those establishments that is a magnet for other Filipino businesses. In West Covina, Goldilocks opened up a larger, nicer, newer bakery and a few years down the line, there’s been dozens of other Filipino bakeries, markets, restaurants and stores that have opened up in that intersection – Amar and Azusa. In fact, the sign on the light that connects two of the plazas is for Manila Way.

Now, the reason why I believe its important for my paper – the Glendale News-Press, which does not cover Eagle Rock, usually – to do a story about this trend is because of the future competition I see for the Glendale businesses. See, just down Colorado in Glendale, maybe a mile or so from the Eagle Rock mall, is a market called Arko, which carries Goldilocks products and hot food heat-lamp style, like Goldilocks; a Red Ribbon Bakery, one of Goldilocks’ competitors (but, in my opinion, not as good as Goldilocks); and a Manila Good Ha! (serious, that’s the name), which does not offer the same type of food as Jollibee, but would be in competition for the same customers.

Well, as a consumer, this is good for me – I like pandesal every so often, and its a tad cheaper at Goldilocks. I also look forward to more Filipino stores coming into the area to bring down the price of 10-lb. sacks of rice (Josh once laughed at me about this, saying that that sounds like a lot of rice, but I’ve already bought two in my time in my new apartment, since August). But as a reporter at the local paper, I think its a trend we should write about (like the trend of so many newspapers popping up for Glendale, Burbank and the foothills) but no one listens to me – I’ve already pitched the idea to an editor and two reporters, and no one thinks its a big deal. *rolling eyes*