I love my neighborhood

On LAblogs, it was posted that a Venice resident was looking to move over by Burbank. Now, I used to live in Santa Monica and moved to South Pasadena to be closer to Glendale not long ago. I left my South Pasadena hellhole (it was the landlord, not the house) after Trinity and I found our adorable, wonderful, awesome apartment. So, I want to address some of the questions asked, with my Monterey Hills neighborhood in mind…:

Do you feel safe walking alone in at night (girls especially)?

I totally feel safe. I actually feel jealous sometimes of the people who have time to walk here – I see people walking themselves and their dogs up until 10 p.m. some nights.

Are [you] within walking distance to your favorite restaurants/coffeeshops/bars?

Unfortunately, the area is not very close to any good restaurants/coffee shops or bars. That’s one drawback, but I don’t care – I love my apartment so much, I don’t need to hang out at a bar, coffee shop or restaurant. However, South Pasadena is not far, and they have some cute restaurants and requisite coffee shops (including the very photogenic South Pasadena Pharmacy). Plus Pasadena is just a hop, skip and jump away.

[What] do you generally consider to [be] quality housing?

I have top-quality housing. My apartment is probably more like a condo – most of the units up here have their own balconies and most of the complexes have really nice pools. The units are pretty new because I think most of these buildings were built in the late 70s/early 80s. Of course, I’ve lived in some nasty, disgusting places too. Look for well-placed floor coverings/wallpaper, easy to patch walls (multi-colored painted walls SUCK and are hard to touch up when it comes time to move out) and natural light. Peeling bathtubs are the absolute last straw for me.

[What] would you avoid when looking for an apartment or home?

Avoid the sketchy landlords, of course. If you look in South Pasadena, avoid the house on the corner of Monterey Road and Meridian – some say its haunted, but really, the landlord is just a jerk-off. Look for the little things – I pay $1175 for a one-bedroom apartment, but I’ve got a balcony, two reserved parking spots in a secure garage, a refrigerator (YES! a refrigerator included with an LA apartment!), a microwave, a mirrored hall closet, a mirrored bedroom closet, plus a smaller hallway closet. That’s a lot of bang for my buck. Plus, my landlord is the best, and the high rent is worth it just to not have to deal with another jerk-off landlord. I don’t know if you intend to get a roommate, but avoid those who look to be your best friend.

Street parking

Parking here is easy – most units come with reserved, secure garage spaces, plus there’s plenty of unrestricted street parking.

Freeway adjacent housing

The 110 is right down Via Marisol, and the 210/134 is less than 2 miles away.

Overall Safety Concerns

I don’t really have any safety concerns here….

Quality of Public Service (Utilities, Police, etc)

Heh. I’ve never had to call the cops, and the utilities have only been sketchy during rainstorms.

As a bonus, I should add that Montrose, a Glendale annex tucked in between the Verdugo Hills and La Crescenta, is adorable. The place is totally safe (being a Glendale reporter, I know crime has gone down nearly 30% or 40% since last year), Honolulu has a bunch of very cute, cool restaurants, bars and coffee shops and the place is near the 210 and the 2. If I didn’t have the history I have with Glendale Police (I used to be the cops reporter and don’t want to be within their jurisdiction), I would move there.