whew, I thought I was in trouble

I have a bad habit of checking out what the competition has covered just after midnight, when stories post to most of the web sites in the Los Angeles area. I saw this story by the Daily News and panicked just a little – I thought that the state would be releasing some school scores yesterday, but didn’t think there’d any changes to any of the coverage I’d already done. But it turns out this graf was down toward the bottom:

While complete API scores for Glendale Unified and other school districts were released in October, the state waited until Thursday to release Burbank Unified’s scores because they needed to correct some information.

Whew, thank God.

Anyway, I went to one school’s Family Science Night as a live, late story yesterday, and I had a lot of fun. You know, education stories are often policy stories – boring, beauracratical(sp?) and sometimes incomprehensible. But part of the perk of being an education reporter is the opportunity to hang with the kids and observe them having fun. It’s a joy to see and I feel sorry for the reporters who don’t see it more often. Plus, I got a chance to look through the telescope at the moon – I saw its craters!!!!!! ^_^