Okay, found it*

By the way, bloggers and technorati are freakin awesome.

I just found a working mp3 of the on-air segment and listened to Miss Jones and her loudmouth railing on Miss Info. Damn, if I were of any descent, I would’ve said “minus me” the same way she did. I’ve only listened to the thing about halfway through, and it already gave me chills – I feel all junior high, like, getting my girls and my boys and saying let’s go get Miss Jones. I detest loud mouth, know-it-all people who think that, just because they’ve got the volume, their opinion counts most. Uh uh. Ugh. There are no words. The segment that particularly gave me chills was the portion where Miss Jones was freaking out on Miss Info because Info expressed her opinion and said the song was offensive to her and Asians:

‘I don’t feel that way, I was out of it,’ who cares? Nobody’s asking. You always try to put our asses out on the line first before yours…yeah, well you can’t do it, but that’s what you’re attempt is….I respect that, but its bigger than the tsunami song, its everytime there’s an artist that asks to be kissed or artist that asks to be out there, you opt, you want the invitations to the parties and to the this and to that, and you don’t even do the job the way it needs to be done because you have a different agenda.

I take it the way its given and I’m not a damn fool, and I know you feel you’re superior probably because you’re an Asian, but you’re not. You’re not.

And my apologies, §häß00tý, for not giving the proper hat tip for hosting the mp3.

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