A work in progress

That phrase could actually apply to pretty much every aspect of my life.

I’m not quite satisfied with my template, and really, that’s mainly because the templates that blogger offers are sort of limited, design-wise. Ah well. That’s what you get when you want convenience.

I want to explain something about this blog, actually. When I started my online journal way back in 1997, it was mainly to keep writing and to keep a record of sorts about my life, loves and experiences. So, while I am terrible with daily updates – I just don’t do it, so don’t bother, and actually, you might be better off downloading Firefox so you can subscribe to me, so it can tell you when I do have updates – when I do write an entry, it is usually long and encompassing several different things.

Honestly, I’m not sure how many people are interested in me anymore – I’m not single, and all I can do is talk about work. I used to have a pretty extensive following. But, if you do follow me, you may be wondering why I haven’t written anything about the train crash in Glendale. There’s actually a very simple reason for why I haven’t written anything about it – because I didn’t write any of the stories about it. Actually, the only story I did was sort of a follow-up, about the survivor’s experiences. Here’s the text (since linking would do no good; it’ll be gone within two weeks). FYI, the story is bylined Darleene Barrientos and Jackson Bell, because Jackson interviewed Scott Cox, but I interviewed Willa Robinson and put the story together.

I learned about the crash about the same time as everyone – as I was brushing my teeth and watching the morning news. The dateline was Atwater Village at that moment, though, and the reporter’s instinctive thought went through my head – “man, I wonder if anyone involved is from Glendale. That would be dope.” Turns out the crash started in Glendale and nearly half of the people who died as a result were linked Glendale and several of the survivors were linked to both Glendale and Burbank. When I figured out that the crash started in Glendale, I called my newsroom for the photographer, but when I couldn’t get a hold of him, I figured he was at the scene. Turned out my buddy Josh Kleinbaum had got a call at like 6:30 in the morning from his girlfriend’s mom, and he made all the calls and was the first one on the scene. Pretty much everyone did a story about the crash that day – except me. Me, I did a story about the union and the district settling their contract. Big news any other day, but that day, buried on page 3. Ah well. I’m just glad I didn’t freak out or throw a tantrum that I didn’t get to be one of the reporters on the stories – sometimes, you just have to be graceful and step back and let your coworkers do their jobs.

I have to still write about my most recent job interview, I suppose, but I just don’t feel like it tonight.