Showing the love

My friend Belinda Long is a news graphics designer at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and she emailed me and several others that a reader had so loved one of her full-page graphics, that they posted a public thank you on their web site. The subject line of her email was the best – “Who loves me, baby?!” Big ups to Bevil (there’s a reason why we call her that), especially since I know how talented she is. I just wish she would change her mind and move to California already.

Earlier today, I was browsing the Flavor Online forums – and, yes, I do write a column for them, heh, about every two months – and found a link to the Philippine News Online. But what I found what not necessarily what I had been looking for, but nearly caused me to choke on the croissant I’d been eating. The story was about how people are resorting to going to the Philippines for plastic surgery. First, here’s the lede:

A MAN unsure of his machismo need no longer think about stuffing his skivvies with a zucchini.

Without having to take out a home equity loan, he can for just a few hundred dollars almost literally beef up the source of his insecurity in Manila, thanks largely to a flaccid Philippine peso.

Um, hey, they forgot to add that $1,000 plane ticket (I’m exaggerating) that would need to be paid for those of us Stateside. But the graf I love the most is this one:

Same with male runway models and… basketball players? Yep, the good doctor said, some basketball players are getting penile enlargements. How that would boost a cager’s hard court skills, however, remains unclear.

Are they still trying to court that younger readership????? Maybe. I guess the Philippine News Online is no longer a family newspaper, that that would actually make it into the paper. *shrug* But, here’s what I want to know – did she actually try to ask a basketball player if getting such a cosmetic enhancement would actually help his skills? Or did she ever ask if any of them considered vertical enlargment (i.e. stretching themselves out for more height?). Heh. OK, I’ll stop.