If it bleeds, it leads

We were in middle of our budget meeting yesterday when one of my coworkers said, “hey…it’s on CNN!”

It was the security video footage of a woman getting caught in a Beeline Bus door, getting dragged, then run over. I had actually seen the footage the night before, and was aghast – I remember the story being reported, about a month ago, but didn’t know if anything else had been reported on it. Turns out, no, not so much. There was nothing new – except that the networks had gotten a hold of the video footage.

So of course, we got the requisite calls from cranky readers who actually don’t read the paper on a regular basis – “Why wasn’t this story in the newspaper this morning?”

So for the record, the story my paper ran printed on Oct. 7, 2004.

It just goes to show that you don’t really need a newsworthy reason – you know those old, outdated philosophies like timeliness – to run video. It just has to be shocking enough.