Hoop jumping

Have you ever had a situation in which half of the people you knew and loved were cool with your decision, but the other half of the people you knew and loved thought it was the worst decision ever?

Long story short: I got married in July, against my family’s wishes (and I truly believe they simply just didn’t want me to get married, rather than they didn’t want me to get married to my husband, who happens to be black) and recently saw them for lunch last Thanksgiving. Trinity (my husband) and I have bought them all these presents, and want to bring them to them, but it was asked I come alone.

It’s hard, to say the least. Seeing it in print, it seems like a simple problem, but there are so many stormy emotions I feel when I think about this whole situation. Heh – watching movies like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Bend it like Beckham” (which is a fantabulous movie, by the way) make me cry – why can’t my family ultimately understand that you can’t change what or who you love? *sigh* I know its going to take time, but one day, I will come back with a happy ending. But I cannot let my family continue to exclude my husband.