do you remember the time…?

Ooooh, remember me? Yes. I’m back, blogging in public again. It figures that the year after I went anonymous and stopped keeping my blog on my own domain name that blogging would blow up and become such a media force.

Anyway. A lot has happened since I stopped blogging Random Thoughts (which, I do plan to bring back, partly to prove that yes, I was blogging way back in 1997). I got marrried and moved to a flossy new apartment in Los Angeles and since switched from cops and courts to the education beat. But, yeah, I do still work at the Glendale News-Press.

So, why am I bringing this all back? Well, one reason is because my site has pretty much been unchanged since I stopped posting Random Thoughts, and I regret that. I have wanted to redesign it for a while. Second is because, even though there’s all these websites, networks, Yahoo! Groups and blogs, hardly any of them provided any perspective in terms of trying to make it in journalism. Apparently, there’s this book out there that contains essays from reporters, but if you’ve read my stuff before, you should know I’m all about the free. So I figure the best way to be able to do all that is to just do it myself. Because, like I said, a lot has happened since I stopped posting Random Thoughts, and I figure if I write about my own experiences, I might help someone else maybe contemplating journalism. Or if that person has already started in journalism, maybe they can get some perspective on what they’re doing if they read about what I’m doing.

OK. So I’m looking forward to hearing from former readers and getting new ones. Yay!