an uncanny, immediate answer

I just realized my title consisted of all words that begin with a vowel.

Anyway. I covered my first parade tonight (when it publishes, I’ll link to it). I was pleasantly surprised – all these years of growing up in Southern California, in a suburb where I only knew my most immediate neighbors and my friends from school, I’d never been to a parade before tonight. Plus, all those years of seeing the Rose Parade on TV led me to conclude that only crazy people and folks from Midwestern towns not situated within 50 miles of a major metropolis camp out in the freezing cold all night to see these things. Alas, it turns out that I had not had the pleasure of viewing a parade prior to tonight because I was in the wrong small communities. All three of the cities in this particular tri-city area – that would be Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena – have their own parades. Yeah, Pasadena’s is the most well known, but whatever. I was pleased simply because it was cute and fun and I got to hear live music from these middle and high school bands. And, if we’re keeping it real here, I have to admit I’d never been to a high school football game prior to my covering the Glendale vs. Hoover football game recently (I had to cover the homecoming festivities for Glendale High). So that means, the only other time I’d heard a high school band play was in a movie. Sad, huh?

Anyway. It so happened that one of the random people I went up to in my coverage of the parade happened to be Jack Cox, former journalist and founder and former president of Facsnet. I swear, it was totally random. Anyway, it was kind of funny – almost the first thing he said to me, after I chatted with him a little bit about the parade, was that I should stay in journalism and learn more about different topics so I can better explain complicated issues.

Given my previous post, is it possible that this is God telling me to stay put? Makes you wonder.