I haven’t been writing as often as I could be. There are several reasons why, and laziness is not the main reason. It’s a reason, yeah, but not the main reason. One reason is that, in the position I’m in, I could easily jeapordize my career. Essentially I don’t want to be talking out of context about something – like something I’ve covered – and be sued for it. That just wouldn’t be good. I’d get fired and sued – yeah, not good at all. Plus, I’ve been going through a lot of personal stuff that has to do with NSN Guy. It’s not something I feel comfortable sharing with the entire planet. Maybe one day, I’ll feel comfortable, but not now. Third, I have just been too tired.With all that said, can I just say I absolutely love my job? I’ve been told by other reporters that this is the hardest, most high-pressure beat at the paper, and while I can see that is true, I still love it. I love the pace. I love the stories I’ve been doing. I love the multi-tasking I have to do to keep up. Everyday, I go home and am exhausted, but satiated. Everyday is different. Everyday is something new. It’s awesome. Sometimes, the people I work with leave something to be desired, but its part of the job. I have a feeling, sometimes, too, that one of the reasons why I love this job so much is because it took me so long to get it, and it was not an easy thing to get. Ah well – I always knew that the harder you have to work for something, the more it would be worth.

There are so many things I dream about doing now. I want to continue in this beat – for a long time. I want to join the LA Times’ Reading by 9 program. I want to volunteer at a local high school and bring some girls to Planned Parenthood myself (I made NSN Guy laugh when I told him this). I want to go to SF and NY again this year.