I’m in a food coma right now, and enjoying it. Today, I’ve done nothing but hang – I first started out the day going shopping at Ross (my favorite store). I bought four pairs of pants (one of which was for my sister) and a pair of shoes from another store, all for less than a hundred bucks! Rockin. Serious. I hate spending money and not having much to show for it.Anyway. NSN Guy and I are….on hold. There are some issues he and I need to iron out. But, essentially, he has told me he doesn’t want to be with anyone else. He also told me, that while we’re on hold as a couple, I’m free to date other people, although he doesn’t want to know about it if its a guy. He said he will not be going out with anyone else. And even though I have that coupon, I doubt I’ll be going out with anyone else. If I had my way, he and I would be totally together, no holds, and utterly happy. But things don’t always happen the way we want them too. But, at least, he and I are OK with this temporary solution.

Work is, like, whoa. Yesterday, I thought I was going to have a quiet day – I had done a lot of work for one of my stories on Wednesday, before my day off. I also had another story due, kind of an update on the trial I’d been covering, but that was a story I already knew a lot of background on. I thought I was going to have a boring day. Then, I got the coplogs, and got, like, 4 story ideas from Thursday’s logs. Then, 16 people, 10 of them kids, got sick after being exposed to pepper spray at a school for physically and mentally disabled kids. Then, a garbage truck fell over on a freeway onramp. THEN, there were two car accidents within 10 minutes of each other, one so major that there were 3 people in critical condition when they left the scene. It was nuts.

On Monday, I start covering my first murder trial. I mean, dayam.