I’m so enamored with my computer all over again. I haven’t had it for nearly three months! Plus, as soon as I got it back, I bought an airport card for it. Even though I went to sleep close to 4 a.m., I was so eager to get my computer up and running I woke up a little after 8. I’m nuts.

Since I just got my computer back, I was able to download pictures I’d taken while my computer was gone. Um, most of them are photos of Pogi.

Heh. The first one was in January, when his head was bigger than his body. So cute. The second pictuure was actually this morning. He’s so cute – when he just wakes up, he likes to be loved. So he’ll come looking for the nearest warm body who’ll pay attention to him.

Anyway. My sister and her boyfriend have been watching the coverage of the kicking of Iraq – excuse me, military operation – nearly around the clock. I don’t know. National affairs concern me – but at the same time, I’m more locally minded. There are so many other issues much closer to home that need fixing. Just the other day, someone planted a burning cross in the yard of a mixed couple. That is some scary ish. I mean, really. aren’t we in the new millennium?

Anyway. covering police is dope. I am having a blast. When I was in school, I didn’t think I’d enjoy covering police and courts. But it is so much fun – serious! Every day is different, and I have covered prostitutes getting arrested, sergeants allegedly trying to rub up against female officers, and other scandalous stuff (thanks to this sexual-harassment trial), drug busts, cable box busts, game console busts – I never knew Glendale was so happening.

At any rate. I’m having issues. But its nothing I’m sure. Just…another day. Now that I have my computer back, maybe I can write more often now, if I’m not too tired.