I’ve got some time to write, since my sister isn’t home at the moment and I’m using her computer.

My editor told me today that no starting reporter has had as many top stories as I’ve had in the last few weeks I’ve been at the NP. He also said he was talking to the EIC about how they essentially they threw me in the deep in with the police sexual harassment trial. He said that even though he’s a hard ass with me when it comes to getting my stories edited, I’ve been doing a good job. The EIC also said that I’ve been tearing it up on the cops beat, covering good solid stories and still covering the police trial.

So, why do I still feel like I’m not doing as well as I could? I’ve posed the question to both Marc and NSN guy. Marc resorted to patronizing me, and NSN guy laughed when he heard Marc started patronizing me. Thanks guys.

I’ve also learned that I’ve gained some notoriety with the police department I cover. Because I’ve been covering the sexual harassment trial, and its almost always front-page news, the police in Glendale are beginning to recognize my name. I was introducing myself to an officer at a totally unrelated news conference, and he told me he knew my byline, and thank God that there would be something on the front page OTHER than the sexual harassment trial. Whoa.

Anyway, I’ve discovered that whomever is interested can read over what I’ve been covering since I’ve started. Just go to www.latimes.com and do a search for my name. You, uh, do know my name, right? I mean, you better – geez, if you’ve been stalking me all this time, I’d be pretty insulted if you didn’t know my name.