I’ve been out of school for literally one year. Granted, that one year has been incredible – I worked for the OC Register, I went to New York for three weeks (and didn’t have to pay for a thing), I moved to Phoenix for the summer and worked for the Arizona Republic and got offered a place in the Knight Ridder Rotating Internship program.

But it was still a sour year for me, because I hadn’t been offered a job. It irked me that my friends were becoming employed but I wasn’t. I kept wondering, what the hell is wrong with me? But I guess, as Trinity and Bryan and Sam and Marc and everyone else in my life always says, things happen for a reason, and dammit! I’VE GOT A JOB!

I was offered the cops reporter gig at the Glendale News-Press, one of the LA Times’ community papers and owned by the Tribune Company. And honestly, its weird how things happen. I had interviewed there at two different times. I had gone there in September originally to interview for the cops reporter position. It went so bad because I was late, but the interview went really well and the editor told me that I’d tested probably the best out of his candidates. But the job at the time went to a local kid. I figured, oh well. I was late. I wouldn’t have hired me either. But it was the weirdest thing – I had such a feeling about that paper. The same feeling I’d had when I first saw the house that my mom lives in now, the same feeling when I saw the apartment my sister used to live in, the same feeling I had when we looked at the apartment we live in now.

Lo and behold, I got a call back. And my interview with the editor the second time around was more of a “what are you up to” kind of meeting, rather than an interview. And last week, the recruiter called me with the good news. Heh, needless to say, I gave Coffee Bean notice within the next 10 minutes – the recruiter had called me as I was looking for parking before going to work.

I’m still freaking out.

But at the same time, when I heard about the Columbia explosion on Saturday afternoon, I felt a chill. And the Indian woman’s profile in the LA Times made me cry.