Starting a new year in my random thoughts is the biggest pain in the ass. I have to change the file extensions, the file names, the default dates for each entry….argh. At any rate, here I am starting a new year. I have some resolutions that I actually hope to keep. However…those are private, because they have to do expressly with my relationship with NSN Guy. Speaking of which, some of my DT friends have been asking if I am getting married. What?! Heheheheh.

I have a new friend. Want to see a picture?

Isn’t he just the most adorablest? His name is Pogi Orby, and my sister picked him up yesterday. Oh, he’s so cute and he’s exactly like my sister – he’s got Attention Deficit Disorder, and at the moment he’s climbing all over my laptop. Earlier I was actually typing at the kitchen table, but he kept meowing because he wanted me to come to the couch. He’s loud (he’s got this meow that sounds like a bird chirping) and demanding. Exactly like my sister. My sister wanted me to take pictures of him to send to the breeder (the breeder almost cried when they were taking Pogi away…) So last night they tried to take a few pictures of him (evident by the grainy use of the lcd screen rather than the viewfinder), and I took a few pictures of him today…, and I’m almost to the limit of my memory stick. Heh.

Last night, my general manager at Coffee Bean also asked me if I’d consider taking on the title of Lead Barista, which would entail more responsibilities and a fifty cent raise. Which proves to me even more that staying in L.A. for a little while longer would be better than taking Knight Ridder in June. That way, I could work my ass off for a few months and try to pay off some of my bills so I can stress less when I’m off doing my thing, wherever I might be.

Whatever happens…..I really want this year to turn out the way I want. Each year always feels more and more like my life depends on it.